The Role of Gamification In Attracting And Retaining Online Casino Players

The gambling industry is developing rapidly. This provides more opportunities for earning money and makes users more discerning and demanding. As a result, games must be exciting and attract attention. For this purpose, gamification is being introduced. In our article today, we will explain what gamification is, why it is needed, and how arbitrage traders can use it correctly.

What is gamification 

This concept refers to using game mechanics where they are only sometimes used. This includes loyalty programs, bonuses, various lists of winners, etc. Gamification aims to increase the number of users playing in online casinos. In this case, a person is driven not only by passion but also by many other sensations and emotions, such as the need to receive love and recognition, the desire to win, and the desire to save and receive benefits.




Types Of Gamifications

  • Loyalty programs are reward systems for players who regularly visit online casinos. They assume that a person will receive points for each deposit, which can later be exchanged for bonuses. This gives the user motivation in the form of savings and a sense of self-importance.

Typically, loyalty programs have three to six levels. On some platforms, the user receives status after the first deposit; on others, you need to wait for a particular moment. At each level, a person gets specific opportunities, bonuses and support from support.

Bonuses are similar to a loyalty program. They are awarded for certain merits of players or simply to increase their motivation. The types of bonuses depend on the creativity of online casino operators since rewards can be awarded for any merits of users.

Tournaments and leaderboards are designed to satisfy people’s desire for status and superiority. To this end, special tournament tables are created for the winners, who are also given bonuses, free spins, or cashback.

Taking it to the next level motivates the audience to play as long as possible without losing interest. Whenever a person achieves an achievement, he feels important and wants to continue playing.

Missions and tasks are less popular than the types of gamification described above, but they are excellent motivators for users. In this case, a person has a specific mission, and when he achieves it, he gets a prize or bonus.

 Some online casinos have thought out entire strategies with cards and intricate plots. This approach has a positive effect on player engagement and their desire to spend as much time as possible on the platform.

Since there is now massive competition in the online casino industry, arbitrage traders should pay great attention to how gaming platform operators retain customers and what tools they use.

  • Games with real people for those who prefer the feeling of a real casino. This makes people feel more natural and motivated to place bets more often.

How gamification is impacting the online gambling industry

The first and most important thing to say about gamification is that it is an effective tool for finding new and retaining existing online casino players.

Now, users evaluate every detail, from graphics and animation to game plots and the opportunity to get a bonus. Accordingly, the more similar triggers on the platform, the greater the chances that the attracted leads will be successfully and even re-monetized.

In addition, gamification allows users access to a greater number of games in addition to the usual online casino. This includes slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, and many other options. Since it doesn’t require actual slot machines, with gamification, it is possible to create countless games.

Bonuses, cashback, and loyalty programs require additional expenses, but their use only increases a virtual casino’s profit. Such incentives help overcome user doubts that arise when choosing a gambling platform.


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